Elena Gilbert  “Resident Evil”  5x18 Episode Still

Elena Gilbert  “Resident Evil”  5x18 Episode Still

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You don’t drown
by falling in the water;
you drown by staying there.

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My first love
was some insignificant boy
when it should have been

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remember the website where they didnt properly format the html so the text just kept getting bigger



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why the hell do babies cry after they shit themselves like u got urself into this mess buddy dont make it everyone else’s problem. like have some fuckin responsibility for once

The gentle friction of your hand on my thigh is enough to strike a match inside me. I lean into your lips and the fire blossoms and spreads.

Caitlin Hinshaw, Literary Sexts (via larmoyante)


Can we remember that Rachel was a really cool artist

Who was really rich but didn’t want to be defined by her money

And spent a lot of her time going to rallies for endangered animals and charities for poor people

And had a really messed up relationship with her parents

And was lonely all the time

And was Percy’s friend when he needed her

Even though he didn’t have enough time really to take care of her

And she agreed to going to a horrible, restricing place she didn’t want to go just because Percy - and the world- needed her

Like she definitely helped them save the world

So please just love Rachel Elizabeth Dare OK?

Sometimes it’s beautiful and just as often it’s destructive: Damon/Elena


The dynamic that Damon and Elena had in this episode is what I’ve been missing for months. Damon being a flirtatious jackass and Elena giving him the stare/stink eye and them bickering, sassing each other and fighting about their kid(Jeremy). It’s all I wanted for season 5 to be honest(I have small priorities), but I make my joy with what was given because the first half of season 5 they were holding back out of their fear of losing each other, and wanting to protect their happiness that was stolen from them one night after they had chosen to be together and had slept together because of the revelation of the sire bond. And yes, we saw this side of them sometimes in those episodes and yet the majority of the time there was these “offness” of unresolved issues, not just from previous seasons but also this season. I feel that 15 episodes was too much time taken up before the reality of their situation and the writer’s intent was revealed. But in context of the characters’ points of view it’s necessary to understand they wanted it to be easy. They wanted a “happy ending” and thought that finally being able to meet each other on the other side after everything they’d been through, they’d be able to be normal, that it’d solve everything. But to quote from Veronica Mars:

Veronica: Do you really think a relationship should be that hard?

Logan: No one writes songs about the ones that come easy

A happy ending only happens because you don’t get to see story after that but Damon and Elena’s story didn’t end in 4x23 but in ways it was just one of their many beginnings, as was 5x16 where they acknowledged that their relationship is unhealthy and codependent where they swallow back their voices because they wanted their relationship to work so much and didn’t want to lose each other, and to a large extent they’ve had control over each other for a while now. At least by the end of season 1, and I don’t think they will ever be able to completely healthy because of the context of the show and all the baggage of so much trauma, and the trauma that keeps befalling on them time and again and acting like everything is okay doesn’t make it okay. It only makes things worse. Elena wanted it to be okay and Damon enabled her. They wanted to believe it’d be okay and season 5 is the fallout of “I’m not sorry that I’m with love with you” where at first they wanted to be selfish and happy but ultimately they didn’t deal with their issues and jumped when they should have walked.

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Damon/Elena: Drawn together and not pulling away(+5x16)


For most people obviously the crux of the episode was the last DE scene, where they finally fight, and say it’s final that it’s over because they’re in an unhealthy relationship, even if they love each other, only to sleep together after that instinctively because they can’t let go but I think it’s everything that catered to and led up to that moment that also defines it.

To be honest, I’ve been waiting for this moment all season and I’ve tried to be patient about it, even as my faith in the writers was dwindling more than it had because waiting 15 episodes for an exposition wears down on you. But because I was expecting things along the lines that happened, I wasn’t disappointed by this episode and it was actually the best episode this season in my opinion because it kept me engaged and because the season finally explored things from Elena’s perspective and the episode centred around her, which was much needed in what I called the 3rd chapter in my last post, where the first was Stefan centric(5x01-5x07), and second was Damon centric(5x08-5x15). 

I could probably start with the beginning of the episode but for emphasis of point I’m doing it in reverse. Coming to what was theme of many of my metas this season - the deconstruction of the fairytale/happy ending because it’s only a happy ending, because the story ends there but since we see the other side of things and are made to question our beliefs of them in early season 5 because there was an offness about them, their story has not ended; their journeys have not ended. What we get is the fallout of season 4 differently from how people anticipated it, where Damon and Elena are insecure and keep things from each other and tried to avoid fighting in fear of losing each other, which makes them more codependent than they’ve ever been.

In season 4, their happiness was stolen from them before they could even have that one selfish day to themselves because of the revelation of the sire bond and in season 5 they did everything to try and protect it and held onto each other tighter, which meant holding back opinions, and their issues - especially their identity issues and their influence on each other. Hints of this was scattered throughout the early season 5 with Elena emphasizing on “normal boyfriend”, “normal college life”; Silas questioning their “happy ending” by saying mockingly “Did you really think you could have a happily ever after and your brother wouldn’t leave you as much as a phonecall?” and Damon starts to realize from then how much him and Elena have been living in oblivion.

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Damon/Elena: Drawn together and not pulling away(+5x16)


For most people obviously the crux of the episode was the last DE scene, where they finally fight, and say it’s final that it’s over because they’re in an unhealthy relationship, even if they love each other, only to sleep together after that instinctively because…