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(My favorite one of mine, and the current novel I’m working on. I recommend you pick this one :P.)

Ten teenagers want to do something reckless. Ten teenagers leave a party to take a walk through the Tongass National Forest in Juneau, Alaska. 

Two weeks later, ten teenagers are still missing. 

Logan Keyes is one of the ten who disappeared on the night of her seventeenth birthday. For fourteen days, Aaron Hale has waited for her. He refuses to believe that his girlfriend is dead, and he won’t rest until he finds out what happened to her and the nine others. 

There has been no sign of them at all since they entered the woods – until now. 

The sign comes in the form of an escaped, starving girl: one of the ten shows up on Aaron’s doorstep, terrified and barely alive. Aaron is more determined than ever to uncover the events that went on in the forest. 

Some things are better kept secret. 

There is something lurking in those woods that has no intention of letting the other teenagers out alive. 



It’s the 21st century, and yet Daphne Caelum has believed in the Greek gods and goddesses since she was little. Her favorite is the goddess Artemis, and Daphne believes Artemis has the right idea. Daphne hates boys and vows to be a maiden forever, just like her idol. 

The other students in high school think it’s weird that a seventeen-year-old Junior believes in old myths, but Daphne doesn’t care. She knows how to stand up for herself. 

What she doesn’t know is that her own belief will become the catalyst that turns her life upside down. 

Crescendo serves as a modern adaptation of an ancient myth. It tells the story of the battle for true love - and its cruel, tragic consequences. 



Constance Angelu is the last person anyone would expect to commit murder. Smart and sometimes annoying goody-two shoes, the college sophomore sticks to rules like a survival manual, always does the right thing, and would never even dream of stepping a toe out of line. It doesn’t seem possible for ‘Constance’ and ‘killing someone’ to be even placed in the same sentence. 

Then Medela Garland is killed at a New Years party, and none other than Constance is found standing next to the body. She swears her innocence – and, well, it’s Constance – but then why was she found in the room where Medela was killed moments after the victim’s scream was heard? 

When the killing turns from one victim to a series of murders, Constance knows she needs to find the murderer – not just to clear her own name, but because she can’t let the deaths continue. She and Tessa Cannol, a girl in her class also trying to solve it, become a team to find the killer. 

But as Constance and Tessa search for the identity of the culprit, Constance begins to wish she never got herself involved in the case. For the more she uncovers about it, the more all the evidence points to the ones closest to her. She doesn’t want to believe it, but that doesn’t make it any less real. Someone around Constance is killing people right under her nose, and she isn’t safe. She may even be the next target. 

And yet, Constance does not realize the truth: that she is just one pawn on a chessboard, in a game far larger than all of the murders. 



I don’t have a jazzy schmazzy description for this yet, so I’ll just say it’s about Vampire Hunters who kill vampires and this one Vampire Hunter named James who makes a big mistake and therefore sends everything to hell. YAYYYYY.


Life in D Minor

Jonah Kimel has a life that can’t get much worse than it already is. He lives with abusive parents and uncaring siblings in a tiny apartment that can barely fit a few people, let alone seven. His parents don’t have paying jobs, are are constantly borrowing money from the bank. His family is on the brink of losing their home and everything else they’ve ever known. 

Casey Palmer is another teenager living in the gates of hell. At sixteen, she’s already pregnant, anorexic, and kicked out of her mother’s house. She refuses to tell anyone the horrifying story of how she got pregnant - even her caring dad doesn’t have the liberty of knowing the secret. It’s something she intends to take with her to the grave. 

The two teens don’t even know each other … but that is about to change. 

Suddenly, Jonah begins having nightmares of a little girl being tortured in a cage. At the same time, Casey starts to hear what she thinks is a ghost playing music in her dad’s living room. 

It only takes a simple guitar to make their horrible lives intersect. 



The audience of a play can always get a feel for the wonders that occur on stage in front of them. But what they never see is the real magic that goes on behind the scenes. 

Anything can happen backstage of a high school play. 

Four teenage actors. Four completely different people with different lives but the same passion. Four separate souls come together over the one thing that can unite people and tear them apart at the same time. 

Jocelyn Doyle, Alexis Cley, Seth Archer, and Riley Wolfe all have their desires. They all have their interests. They all have their personalities. And they all have their problems. Each of them would seem like the innocent high school drama student, but they all have their own share of dark, painful struggles that they face every day. To keep their grip on life, they turn to drama - the one thing that has always been there for them. 

Wings explores how the flame that burns on stage is nothing compared to the things that happen backstage. This is a story about those moments in the wings that last just an instant - but can remain with you forever. 


Voice of the Ocean

This is a joint story my best friend ( and I are writing. It’s about a girl uncovering the story of her mother on the tragically fated voyage of the RMS Titanic. (This has absolutely nothing to do with James Cameron’s famous Titanic movie.) We haven’t written a fancy description for it yet either. :P



Roberto Vasquez has always been known as Agent 300. It’s his name, his identity, his purpose. His life. That’s all he’s ever known, and as far as he’s concerned, that’s all he’s ever going to know. 

His job: work for the organization. Follow the Boss’s orders. Don’t ask questions. Roberto doesn’t know what the organization does, or why they kidnapped a girl, or what kind of tests they’re doing on the subject. He doesn’t even know that the organization he’s a part of is illegal. All he knows is that he has to do whatever the Boss tells him to do. That’s all he needs to know. And he’s perfectly fine with that. 

Then, Roberto meets her: Aida Jones. The subject. The one they’re using as a guinea pig. 

That’s when everything changes. 

Roberto begins to question. He begins to feel unsatisfied with ignorance. 

It doesn’t take long for Roberto to find out the truth. Suddenly, his blissful ignorance is shattered. And Roberto is forced to fight not just for his own life, but for Aida’s life; the life of the girl he never meant to fall in love with. 



It’s been sixteen years since Alicia Seel’s old best friend, Jonathan Reilly, died. Now she’s twenty-six, working as a literary agent in the City of Angels, and she’s managed to make herself forget the childhood friend whose death crushed her so many years ago. 

Well, she’s mostly managed to forget … other than the fact that she refuses to read fantasy or listen to music because it reminds herself of him. But never mind that; Alicia is convinced that after sixteen years, she’s definitely over it. 

So why is she suddenly having vivid flashbacks of their friendship? And why is Jonathan’s ghost beginning to haunt her? 

It’s only going to be a matter of time before Alicia will be forced to confront her best friend’s death – something she’s been unwilling to do for sixteen years. And when she does, she will have to face the consequences of her refusal to let Jonathan Reilly go. 


The Last Lute

Fifteen-year-old Jenna Cassé doesn’t know what is wrong with her. Every since she picked up a strange locket she found on the sidewalk, odd things have been happening to her. It’s not only the physical changes that are scaring her, not just the way her eyes seem to be changing color, or the way her hair is growing longer at an alarming rate. Lately she’s been able to do a lot of things that she didn’t believe in weeks ago, things that just aren’t possible. And no matter how many times she takes the locket off, it always appears back on her neck the next morning. 

Jenna just wants to go back to her normal life, but that’s not an option. The supernatural is taking over her, gaining more control every day, and there’s nothing Jenna can do to escape it. Before she knows what is going on, she is thrust into the mess of a world she never knew could exist – a world that won’t release her from its clutches until she saves it. 

If only she had been smart enough to leave the dangerous locket alone. 



Dustin Malan and Miley Westfeld have been friends all their lives. They’ve shared jokes, wild times, and deep secrets. Even though they’ve always lived half an hour away from each other, they have still managed to keep up a close relationship – until they turn fifteen and enter high school. 

Then the crazy, chaotic world of high school changes everything. 

Dustin and Miley don’t go to the same high school. Both of them get so busy that they don’t see each other for the whole semester. 

When Miley sees Dustin for the first time in five months, he’s not the same person anymore. He is a different Dustin than the one Miley knew all her life. Miley begins to wish she could turn back time and stop the transformation from the kind, sensitive boy she once knew to the cold, indifferent person he has turned into. She doesn’t know who he has become, and she’s scared of the change in him. 

And soon Miley realizes that she can’t recognize the person standing inside her own skin anymore. 

Shards is a story about change, growing up, and the tearing apart of friendship. 


So, there you go. I hope you enjoy reading them! :)