No, Damon, you have it all wrong. It’s not that Elena doesn’t want you. She does. She fights so hard against it and still denies it, but she loves you. The two closest times she came to admitting it were when she told Matt she was in love with vampires, plural, and when she told Stefan she didn’t feel guilty for kissing Damon. She’s just in no position to take that step and accept what she feels for you because of how much of a terrible person it makes her feel like, and because of how confused she feels with Stefan. But don’t give up, Damon. What the two of you have is too strong and too huge and too otherworldly to fade. She’ll be ready to love you eventually. Someday, the two of you will end up together, even if it takes years. You waited for Katherine for 145 years; I know that for Elena, you’d wait a thousand more.