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Random fic excerpt posting time: Little White Lie

For absolutely no reason at all, I feel like posting a snippet from my LWL (web series by Team StarKid) fanfic. I doubt anyone will read this, but if you do, please let me know what you think! :) If you’ve seen Little White Lie, this starts right after they ended on that big cliffhanger; it’s a day after Kevin woke up in the hospital.

If you want to read more, here’s the link to the rest:


Sunday Morning

The notes danced across her dreams.

The shards of music twirled through the girl’s mind, clear and pure. They darted between the hazy images that flickered there—images she wouldn’t remember once sleep released her from his soft hands. The notes flashed a thousand brilliant colors under her eyelids—shifting between warm, soft shades, and bright neon streaks.

They sang a gentle lullaby. But it was a lullaby that hummed with a glaze of pain, a melody that had a sharp edge. The notes were pretty but haunting. The lullaby whispered danger beneath its misleading lull of comfort.

The insignificant dream shattered as Sami Reese awoke, yet the song lingered in her head. She stared at the white plaster of her ceiling, still not entirely free from the touch of sleep’s fingers. When the grogginess lifted from her brain, she realized the song that had brushed the surface of her consciousness while she dreamt was the one named after her.

Sami. She had thought the song was soothing and beautiful since the first time she’d heard it. But it had never entered her dreams before. Now that it had, it was suddenly so much more real and enchanting.

The music was slipping away from her mind now. She savored the faint echo of the still wavering notes, like holding on to a taste that was dissolving on her tongue.

The way the song had intertwined with her dreams had showed her something. Sami now understood that she’d fallen for that song. She had fallen in love with the melody and the lyrics.

But Toby didn’t write that song.

Her eyebrows pulled together as her mind churned with confusion. Toby wasn’t the one who had written the notes and words that made her heart flutter. Was the way she felt about Toby only existent because of a song that wasn’t even his? Did that mean her feelings for him weren’t real?

She didn’t want to think like that, but she couldn’t control her conflicted thoughts. They were now turning to Kevin. The guilt that was firmly attached to his name seized her once again, spreading its hot, sticky touch over her skin. He’d written such a beautiful song about her, and she’d stolen his music and taken credit for his talent in return.

The painful words came back to echo through her mind—words that had been haunting Sami since Tanya said them outside her house during Friday night’s party, not more than a day and a half ago. That kid loved you. He loved you. And you sent him running. What kind of person does that?

Sami couldn’t deal with the stupid guilt that consumed her. She couldn’t deal with any of the stupid, messy emotions bouncing around her mind and constricting her chest.

Just stop thinking, dammit. Stop.

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If anyone’s interested, I’ve written a couple fanfics; one for Klaine and one for Little White Lie

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I never write fanfiction; these two are the only ones I’ve ever done. If you want to read my original stuff, look at the ‘My Writing’ page under my blog title. :)