Someone just mentioned this theory in a post but … oh my god what if Bae was Henry’s father

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The scene with Puck and Beiste in the locker room has got to be one of the most powerful scenes all season. I was near tears. It’s been a while since Glee made me react that strongly.

In the celebration at McKinley after Nationals, we got a Tike kiss, a Brittana kiss (amen), and a Finchel kiss. Hell, Sugar even cheek-pecked Rory. So then why was there no Klaine kiss?

It’s the most important one out of all those kisses, and it wasn’t there. Not okay, Glee. Not okay at all.

can i just call everyone’s attention to the fact that we got another real brittana kiss in 3x21 an actual real brittana kiss

Yes, Glee is flawed. Very flawed. Yes, Glee is highly unrealistic and ridiculous. Yes, it doesn’t know what consistency means and most of the time it can’t take itself seriously. Yes, it doesn’t know how to do character development in a way that actually makes sense. And yes, I’ve lost my faith in the show this season and want to punch it in the face during every episode and I’ve seriously considered ceasing to watch it. But Props and Nationals were two episodes that reminded me why I used to love this show so much, back in season one and two when Glee actually remembered how to do quality. They brought back the heart of the show, the heart it used to have and that I’d thought was gone for good. So thank you, Props and Nationals, for restoring my faith in Glee.

I’m impressed. I came into watching yesterday’s Glee episode thinking it was going to be as shitty as the majority of season three’s episodes have been, but Choke was actually a pretty decent episode compared to the others in the season. I don’t know why I’m still watching the show, though (erm actually I do know and his name is Darren), so I won’t give this episode any other mention or any more credit than that.

What happened to this scene? It could have been an actual good plot point—maybe even an amazing one—if the writers hadn’t fallen on their heads and made Quinn get hit by a truck instead.

What happened to this scene? It could have been an actual good plot point—maybe even an amazing one—if the writers hadn’t fallen on their heads and made Quinn get hit by a truck instead.

Things I Appreciated About Yesterday’s Glee Episode

  • Darren’s flawless, extraordinary, heart-wrenching acting
  • The beautiful scene between Kurt and Burt
  • Klaine angst
  • The good writing choice of having Klaine’s fight boil down to Blaine being scared of losing Kurt next year
  • "You are the love of my life"
  • "I promise, you aren’t gonna lose me"
  • "I love you so much"
  • "I love you too"
  • Klaine eyefucking

Things I Didn’t Appreciate

  • Every other fucking thing

Klaine is still my OTP guys


I’m just not thrilled with how the writers have changed season 2 Klaine into season 3 Klaine. There are so many times I want to curl up and beg for season 2 Klaine back. 

THANK YOU. Klaine is the only reason I watch Glee and the show has even been letting me down a little with them this season. I didn’t think anyone else felt the same way.


so Klaine didn’t onscreen kissed since… The First Time, or…??? shit.

meanwhile Finchel gets like 5 make out sessions every episode

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I wonder how the conversation went when Kurt and Blaine finally decided to be “official”. I mean, after that kiss, I think it was as official as it needed to be for both of them. They were both all in. But I’m sure Kurt wondered for a while if he could call Blaine his boyfriend, if he should tell his dad, what he should tell his dad. I’m sure Blaine was still nervous the first time he asked Kurt to go out on a real date with him. I wonder who brought it up. I imagine some sort of adorabley awkward phone conversation…

“-and you should’ve heard Mercedes when I told her I had to miss shopping this weekend, she wouldn’t shut up, calling me twitter-pated and saying I’m always deserting her for my- my…… For you.”

“For your what?”

“Nothing, nothing, she was joking.”

“Kuuuuurt. Cmon. What did she call me? It’s gotta be good.”

“….fine. She called you my ‘pint-sized prep school boyfriend’. But I told her that she was outta line and that the stage just makes you look smaller, I mean, you’re basically my height, and she has no room to talk really-“

“Kurt! Kurt, its okay! Trust me, I’m no stranger to height jokes. I woulda never survived growing up with Cooper if I couldn’t take it. It’s fine.”

“Okay. Just, she really does like you, you know that, right?”

“Yes I do.”




“So am I?”

“Are you what?”

“Am I… your… you know… am I…….your boyfriend?”


“If not I mean that’s totally okay, I don’t want to rush into things and. Nevermind. Sorry. I wasjustwondering-“





“I….have a confession.”

“Oh god.”

“No, no, it’s not bad. Well, I don’t think, at least. It’s just…. I may have already told my dad that….you are.”

“That I am….”

“My boyfriend.”


“Is… Is that oka-“

“Yes! Ohmygod yes! I mean…..okay. Yes. Kurt, I would be…. honored to be your boyfriend.”

“Well….good, Mr. Formal Gentleman. … You’re blushing aren’t you?”

“How can you always tell?”

“Magic. Hey…..Blaine? I’m blushing too.”

“….well at least we’re in this embarrassment together. Huh.”

“We are. In this together, I mean.”


“I…have to go to bed now, probably… Classes tomorrow.”

“Okay. Hey kurt?”


“Call me your boyfriend again.”

“….you are such a dork ohmygod. Okay. You’re… my boyfriend. Oh, wow. You’re my boyfriend.”

“….that sounds so good you have no idea. Okay, my turn. You’re….my boyfriend.”

“I am.”

I have a boyfriend and you are him.

“Oh good grief. Goodnight Blaine, you adorable pint sized schoolboy.”

“Goodnight. ….Boyfriend.”

“Oh my god.”


So … I just found out my sister’s voice is going to be on Glee tomorrow night.

No joke. 

Her choir submitted a song they sang to a contest; they won, and now some background singers on Glee are going to be lip syncing to that song. So it’s not only her voice, but it’s still really awesome. The song is She Walks in Beauty.

Now I have an extra special reason to watch Glee tomorrow. I’m super excited. Even though I probably won’t be able to hear my sister’s individual voice, since it’s her entire choir, I’ll watch the background singers during the song and know that my sister’s voice is mingled somewhere in there and it will be so cool.

Does this mean her name will appear somewhere in the credits? Holy shit, is that actually going to happen? My sister’s name will show up there and my own last name will appear somewhere on the Glee credits?

Oh my fucking god.


#they both call each other over by shaking their ass 

It is the part of each other that they know best. Seeing the other’s ass shake is like seeing home rise up in the distance.

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