the fact that damon was also running to elena though… he didn’t have a life threatening need to get to her quickly like elena did for him, his situation wasn’t deathly urgent like hers, and yet he needed to feel her and hold her with as much grappling need as she did him… just, wow. damon’s love for elena still continues to amaze me, even this far in.

but just think about it damon is probably sitting bonnie down on his couch three times a day and making her be the messenger between him and alaric as alaric sits next to damon, laughing and looking at damon sadly and damon looks in the direction where he assumes alaric is but he’s a bit off because he can never see him and he has sort-of conversations with his best friend through bonnie but it isn’t really the same because the whole time damon wishes he could just hear alaric’s voice, just once, just one more time


but can we take a moment to realize that elena was so overwhelmed and caught up and happy to finally see damon after all that trauma and to be swept up and safe in his arms that she forgot for one second the urgency of telling someone that katherine was taking over her mind because everything left her head, even the life-or-death battle raging on inside of it, except for him, because the man she loved was holding her and for one second, everything was okay and nothing else mattered. her love for him was so strong it made her forget that she was dying for one second. that’s kind of really beautiful. unfortunately, one second was all it took for katherine to take over. oh oops here comes the pain again.

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'I'm coming for you' Parallels
∟2x22 | 5x10

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how can nadia be a traveller and a vampire

did tvd forget that they said witches can’t be vampires at the same time with the whole plot of bonnie’s mom

anyone else thought it funny how bonnie and jeremy were all *making ze sexes* and then jesse fucking passed through bonnie and then they were like *naw we don’t care let’s continue to make ze sexes* like two fucking seconds after bonnie just had a cold dead ghost whooooosh through her vagina

long rambly review of the episode or rather just a bunch of my opinions about it jumbled together to make a big nonsensical paragraph

PHENOMENAL EPISODE. possibly my favorite ever. i LOVED seeing elena so happy and light, especially at the beginning, starting with the cute little bouncy wave she gives bonnie’s mom. and i am IN LOVE with damon and elena’s phone call at the beginning i love ALL their phone calls but this one was so friggin cute they’re so fucking married oh my god it’s amazing. and elena’s finally accepting herself and liking herself as a vampire and finally accepting and liking the way she’s changed. and then with jessie’s death, elena’s changing into more like damon, which she already always was. but now there is nothing she wouldn’t do to protect the one she loves, just like him. she has now killed someone for him as he did for her, she killed a friend because his life was in danger and there was no choice. they are so much the same. and they love each other the same way which is incredible. and matt slept with katherine’s daughter LOOLLL and she’s always hit on him DOUBLE LOL. and wow. how ironic it is that the way katherine pierce was going to die was through suicide. katherine, the survivor, the one who always put her life in front of everyone else’s even when it killed and hurt others. the woman who’s been running and surviving and fighting for 500 years could’ve ended up taking herself out. it makes sense in a weird way, though. she would never let herself die quietly. she was always going to go out with a bang whether it was by the hand of her enemies or herself. (also: it’s an interesting concept to think that someone like amara has lived so long she wants to be dead, but katherine has lived so long and wanted to live forever.) i really, really love katherine’s arc this season. it’s amazing. the scene with katherine going to kill herself was probably my favorite scene tvd has ever done. so beautifully morbid and intense and emotional and fascinating. in fact it’s probably one of the heaviest (maybe THE heaviest) things tvd has ever covered. and then, katherine seeing that people (like stefan) still care about her. she reacted the same way as she did wihen jeremy gave her the blanket—shocked that someone would care and then the beginning traces of awe and appreciation for that fact. she hasn’t been loved in so long and it must be so painful, no wonder she’s so messed up. she is my favorite character. (ok maybe equal with elena). and damon is second. or equal? ughh. i love these characters. and wow, the way stefan said that she’s katherine pierce, the way he looked at her….everyone always hated katherine but at the same time everyone always respected her and had awe for her. and then damon used to be tortured as an Augustine test subject? jesus christ, and the writers act like STEFAN’S the one who has the most trauma. as if damon didn’t go through enough shit all his life. and WHAT THE FUCK NOW THEYRE GONNA TORTURE DAMON NEXT EPISODE NO WAY NOT OK. elena better fucking be a badass and save him. and caroline. OH GOD, CAROLINE. she needs to stuff a sock in her mouth. and her brain. i hate her so much. in fact i hate her so much that i think she doesn’t even deserve stefan even though stefan is an asshole. katherine and stefan are even better now than stefan and caroline because fucking a. i hate caroline. why can’t she get over her hatred for damon after everything. he. has. done. for. them. and. her. he stood up for her against her mom and he fucking brought bonnie back and he’s saved all of their lives multiple times and he’s always been there for elena and was the only one that made her truly happy and those last two should count for more than all the others if caroline cared about elena’s happiness at all like an actual friend would which she obviously doesn’t and obviously isn’t so WHAT THE FUCK caroline UGHHH i love ALL these characters except i HATE stefan and caroline so much huh maybe they WOULD be good together. ughhhh. oh and i like the whole thing elena has with aaron, she’s found someone who she can relate to and share her survivor’s guilt and maybe it will make her better. she shares the pain of all the losses they’ve had with damon but this is a friend who will help her in a different aspect, and elena fucking gilbert deserves to heal completely and finally be all-over-fucking-a-okay. i just love her so much she’s my baby i just want to hug her and make everything better okay and if fucking caroline keeps treating my baby elena and elena’s stronger new more assertive self and elena’s life and love choices like this then i will fucking kill that bitch. ANYWAY AMAZING FANTASTIC EPISODE THIS IS WHAT TVD SHOULD’VE BEEN LIKE ALL ALONG FROM THE VERY BEGINNING WOW I MIGHT ACTUALLY LIKE TVD’S PLOT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN EVER THIS HALF OF THE SEASON SO YIPPEEE OKAY JULIE PLEC GIMME MORE EPISODES LIKE THIS GIMME MORE

um i just realized matt slept with katherine’s daughter

now THAT is weird

especially because katherine is spending this episode hitting on him

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damon has traumatic memories too but they never make a big deal out of that now do they ugh

don’t you have to drain someone’s entire body of all their blood in order to ingest the cure from them, as nadia said? but amara took the cure and silas was still alive after… what the fuck, tvd

delena and finishing each other’s sentences omg

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